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  1. Poker in New York City

    New York City is one of those magical places where everything always seems bigger and better. When you are in New York City is always seems like the bright lights are shinier and the shadows darker. It is one of those places that everyone wants to visit at least once during their lifetime.

    The one thing that you will not find when you visit New York City is casinos. The reason for the lack of casinos in New York City is very simple. With the exception of casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas all United States casinos have to be owned by a Native American tribe. So far none of the tribes that have New York City connections have been able to get a casino built.
    Anyone who is in New York City and wants to play poker in a casino’s poker room will have to leave the city. Luckily they really won’t have to travel very far. There are several casinos on the outskirts of New York City. All the poker player has to do is hail a cab. Or find a tour that is going to one of the casinos.

    Just because there aren’t any casinos in New York City, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave the city just to find a game. There are plenty of additional options.

    The most obvious option is on line poker. There are all sorts of virtual casinos that can be accessed from anywhere in the United States. Not only do these casinos offer poker games, many of them even have some pretty impressive tournaments. When a resident of New York City decides that they want to play poker at an online casino they should make sure that they use a pre-paid credit card and keep track of how much money they are losing.

    The problem is that some people really don’t like to play poker online. For this type of poker player one of the appeals of the game is being surrounded by people. They love reading people’s faces, the feel of the chips in their hands, and the chance to socialize. You can’t get any of these things when you are playing on a computer. These individuals need to become involved with the New York City Poker. Group.

    The New York City Poker Group is a group of people who live in New York and love the game of poker. They are committed to making sure that everyone in the city has an opportunity to play. The organization is devoted to all things poker. They know about all of the poker games that are happening or going to happen in all five of New York City’s boroughs

    The New York City Poker Group has a really great website,, where they keep a calendar that poker lovers can check on to get information about the time and location of any upcoming games. The group is also known to host city wide poker tournaments that are wildly popular. The best thing about the group is that they bring all of the poker players in the city together, organizing them, and helping them make sure that poker is alive and well in a casino free city.

  2. Ilari Sahamies Destroys Tom Dwan at PLO Tables on Full Tilt

    Tom Dwan is not having a very good year. With the start of the year came the “durrrr” challenge and Dwan’s desire to take on many in the online poker world. After facing opponents Dwan was down almost $4 million dollars on Full Tilt. He then battled back and almost turned a profit before he was down millions again. Recently, Dwan faced Ilari “Zigmund” Sahamies at the high stakes PLO tables on Full Tilt and it was not a pretty sight for Dwan.

    The PLO tables at Full Tilt Poker the pros were playing on had $500/$1000 stakes and after two days Sahamies had gave Dwan a beat down and took around $1.5 to $2 million in that short period of time. Sahamies was playing so well that at one point he had at least $1 million at one table on FullTilt Poker.

    The HighStakesDB website has reported that during a twenty four hour period, Dwan and Sahamies played four hands that handed over pots worth over $300,000 each. Dwan did not win any of these pots which padded Sahamies bank roll very well.

    After some time at the $500/$1000 PLO tables Sahamies told Dwan he wanted to move to the $3,000/$9,000 tables. Dwan said it was too much right now most likely because he was down. But once Dwan took down a good size pot he said they can move over to the $3,000/$9,000 tables. When it was all over, Sahamies held a small win over Dwan of just over $160,000.

    With such an impressive showing against Dwan, Sahamies has the potential to be one of the highest earners that plays on Full Tilt Poker. It will be interesting to see when or if Dwan will be playing Sahamies again.

  3. Jennifer Tilly: One Bombshell Making History

    One name that women don’t often associate with poker, but the men do is Jennifer Tilly. Now, she has quite the history that astounds too many people. One of the things that she is known for is being a professional actress. However, many also know her for the avid poker player that she is which makes her one of the best professional poker players of her day and age.

    She was born on September 16, 1958 in Las Angeles, California. She is said to have brought Hollywood stardom into poker because of her job as an aspiring actress. She was a part of the Ladies No Limit Texas Hold’em World Series of Poker event that took place in 2005. There, she won the title as being the best in her league. She had to beat six hundred women in the league and that she did. This was one bracelet many never thought would adorn this knockout’s wrist, but don’t let that fool you.

    Many thought she was going to be a one time fluke like many others. However, she was able to pull it off again. It was on September 1, 2005 that she won another tournament. This was the World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational Tournament which took place in the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. What really set her to be one of the best was that she was the first celebrity who wasn’t a non player to win a bracelet.

    To keep things going strong, now, Tilly only dates her kind. She is dating the poker pro whose name at the table is no other than the Unabomber. That is why many call her the Unabombshell. The Unabomber is one lucky man to have this lady.

    Even when she wasn’t playing poker, she was still remaining as number one in the acting industry. What do we mean by this? Well, Jennifer Tilly was on a Broadway production. She was also in a number of roles on some very well noted movies that many of you probably have seen. These include: The Bride of Chucky, Liar Liar, as well as many others. She has been nominated for a number of awards and has only won a few times, but that doesn’t keep this lady down. She has gone on to be one impressive women of her time and many can understand why. You would know her breakthrough movie of 1989 titled The Fabulous Baker Boys.

    We all know that she has amazed many at the tables. Now she has come on many men’s’ minds as she was ranked as one of the twenty five sexiest women in the year 1995 in the Celebrity Sleuth. She has had so much luck that when asked what she would rather do more as she has done some great things in both acting and poker playing, she will flat out tell you that she would rather take up poker than acting. That’s the poker spirit to have and many could benefit from having this sort of spirit as well.

  4. The World of Blackjack – Blackjack in the Virtual and Real World

    Blackjack is a game which has been popular in casinos all over the world since ages. The earliest form of the game had been first developed during the 1700s in France. The game had been initially known as vingt et un which means 21 in French. The game first reached US during the 1800s and since then it has been immensely popular not just in the US but also in many other parts of the world.

    Blackjack in the Real World

    Blackjack had received its name since the hand of jack of spades and ace of spades, total of 21, was eligible for a special bonus. There have been several different 21 variations and versions of the game since it had been first introduced and many of them are still played today. Blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards and the face cards- king, queen and jack would have a value of ten. All the other cards would have their face values. Ace can be valued at either one or eleven. The player can decide whether to use ace as one or eleven, based on the sum of the cards of his hand. Whenever the player receives a pair as his initial two cards, like a pair of aces or tens, he/she can decide to double down and have two separate pairs. The player would hen be dealt an extra card and all the bets would have to be placed before the cards are dealt.

    Blackjack Online

    A very important time in the history of blackjack was in the 90s when the online casinos had been introduced. Online casinos brought the game to the world and continue to do so even today. There are a few differences between playing blackjack online and in land based casinos. In land based casinos, the biggest phenomenon to take place in the history of blackjack has been card counting. Players began to increase their odds of winning at blackjack by using the several card counting techniques and had won millions of dollars by playing in blackjack card counting teams. However, this technique cannot really be used in online blackjack.

    Blackjack online has become huge ever since it had first been introduced. Earlier, players had to travel to Vegas in order to get a chance to play blackjack. However, today they can play it from the comfort of their home. Blackjack has a very strong presence in online gambling and with poker, it is one of the most played games online. There are dozens of websites which offer tips, strategies and blackjack downloads. The online blackjack tournaments too are a huge hit and are created in order to have a convenient and comfortable environment for players.

    There are plenty of differences between blackjack online and blackjack in the land based casinos. However, no matter where you chose to play, the game would always remain exciting and fun. Blackjack would continue to be one of the most popular games in casinos.

  5. The World Series of Poker Hall of Fame

    There are some poker players that have amazed people with their poker abilities. There are many who have even wowed those who play in the World Series of Poker. With that, they have given these players the fame that they deserve. What fame would this be? This would be no other than an entry into the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame.

    Not just anyone can make it here. There are certain things that one must do in order to qualify to be a part of this. What things does a person have to do in order to make it to the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame? Keep reading and you will soon find out.

    One of the first things if you are trying to make this is that you have to have played against well noted gamblers. The other requirement is that you must play for high stakes. The third thing that will get you into the WSOP Hall of Fame is that you have to be respected by your peers. This means that you have played for a while and people know who you are. You have to be the best of the best throughout the time. Last of all, if you haven’t played poker as some haven’t, you have had to help this grow to what it has become and will become within time.

    Some wonder how long this has been around. It’s been around since 1979. Since that time, this has welcomed thirty seven gamblers who have made it pretty big in the poker industry. Each year, a new gambler is inducted into this Hall of Fame. There are a few years such as 1993 which was the first year that the person they inducted into this TitanPoker hall of fame wasn’t an actual poker player.

    Many of the gamblers that are part of this group have been road gamblers. They went where the game took them. Some gave p their life to become a part of what they had become. They had become a professional poker player. Currently, while many of them were 20th century poker players, only sixteen are still alive. This is why they continue to add people to this hall of fame.

    Now, you have a little more understanding about this prestigious award. Yet, some of you might wonder who all this entails. Who are some of the players who are mentioned here? Some of them are: Dan Harrington, Erik Seidel, and Edmond Hoyle. These are just a few to name out of the many that are out there. For those of them that are accepted, it’s a true honor which no one in the poker world will ever forget about. They will know your name and the legacy behind it all. This is what one looks to become a part of as they begin to play poker. This might become a dream of yours. If it is, keep working at it and you too might just get there to join these players.

  6. Math and People Skills in Poker

    Mathematics skills are very important when it comes to poker because quite a lot of aspects in this gambling sport depend on mathematics to work. Then again, poker math mastery doesn’t necessarily mean poker mastery per se. The ability to discern your chances and recognize the need action from them only comprises a small part of what it takes to attain a winning game with profitable returns. Instead, being able to think on your feet, having great people skills (i.e., the ability to know what your poker opponents are thinking), and learning to understand people’s psychology on top of practicing good math skills when playing this addicting and fulfilling gambling game is the best way to win it.

    Math Skills versus People Skills

    Who is the person who’ll bring about the most poker wins? Is it the person with the most math skills or the person with the most people skills? The way this article is going, the answer should be obvious, but let’s demonstrate the point nonetheless. If everything is equal right down to the players knowing what to do in the middle of a rigorous poker game—let’s say, bluffing—then the person with the best people-manipulating skills will win. In fairness, if a player is deficient in math skills, then he won’t know when to bluff even though he’s good at bluffing, but a true expert will gain the intuition and experience needed to compensate for math skills in the long run anyway.

    Math Skills Can Only Take You So Far

    Mathematical awareness is a wonderful boon to your chances of winning, but real poker experts will more often than not use their people skill savvy to win the day. Sure, statistical awareness of your chances won’t hurt your chances and can even direct you to making the right decisions as well as mitigate any risks for failure. The bluff is the best move that you can use in order to take advantage of your numerical foreknowledge. However, knowing when to bluff is about ten percent of what you need to do in order to succeed—knowing how to bluff in such a way that other players won’t counter what you’re planning is the key to winning all of the marbles, so to speak.

    Execution is the Secret to Success

    That’s not to say that math skills are totally not needed when it comes to poker. It certainly helps quite a lot, and the person who possesses both people and math skills are the ones that’ll probably end up playing professional, world-class poker as well. The point of this article is that people skills are superior to math skills, and math skills will earn you chickenfeed at most because your opponents should be able to compensate against a mathematically superior opponent by reading what he’s going to do next anyway.

  7. Positive Expectation in Poker Games

    Expectation or expected value in poker refers to the average expected amount you can lose or gain for any given poker action, whether it’s a hand or a bet. Generally speaking, positive expectation can be applied to other issues and subject not necessarily related to poker (e.g., a full career, an hourly rate, and so forth), such that they are all linked to the shared meaning of expected loss or gain for a given action too. Expectation in pkr poker games is mostly applicable with poker math, particularly in practical application. On that note, players should keep in mind that they all have the propensity to value games in terms of generalizations, oversimplifications, and sweeping ideas because our brains tend to look at the whole picture instead of details and trivialities.

    Ergo, even though people skills remain your best bet to winning a given FullTilt wager, math skills and the use of positive expectations in poker games to your advantage are still quite crucial when it comes to playing high-stakes, professional-level poker. To illustrate, here’s an example. On one hand, whenever Texas Holdem players are dealt AA on the dealer butter, they have the tendency to possess certain general expectations with that hand. On the other hand, there are opportunities for you to make precise mathematical estimates on certain hands as well, such as the instances when you’re dealt AA on the button while playing twenty dollars/forty dollars and one of the players raises first to act while the rest folds to you and you have two tight players in the blinds behind you.

    The Virtue of Positive Poker Expectations

    Regardless of whether you acknowledge them or not, the mathematics behind your poker decisions will still remain, so you might as well make use of them whenever you can. More to the point, the correct choice is always substantiated by the best expected value, which is demonstrated by the following instance. Let’s imagine that you were able to acquire a huge pot from KK and A2 when the flop happens at 227 after you reraise two other players with seventy-two offsuit prior to the flop. This remains an incorrect course of action because it will produce a negative expectation or value. When playing poker, you should back your choices with positive poker expectations instead of negative ones. You should also keep in mind that expectation can be changed by how you play too, such that a negative value can be decreased to the point of becoming a positive one.

    You don’t need to be aware in order to prove the existence of partypoker math in your actions, because they’ll be present regardless of your confirmation. Poker math is a convenient and ever-present variable that you can influence or even outright manipulate to your favor by basing your choices around them. To be true, making informed poker decisions is the very point of learning about positive expectations and poker math in the first place. Avoid falling into the gambler’s trap of making coincidentally correct decisions for all the wrong decisions; the true key to your poker success is picking the correct course of action intentionally and knowing what you’re doing.